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Integrity and copyright compliance seem to get put on the back burner many times and this issue deals with many of the concepts for administrators, educators, students as well as parent responsibility. The current issue of the Journal of the American Association of School Librarians (Volume 37, NO. 3 January-February 2009) is filled with information about "Doing Honest Work".

As pointed out in this article by Leila Christenbury, Newton North HS in Massachusetts, library website has a section on academic integrity that is worth reading. Many schools are providing this type of information to make sure it is absolutely clear what the rules state about plagiarism. There are numerous sources of excellent information throughout the issue.

For some additional information about copyright compliance visit Kristin Hokanson's wiki "Unlocking Copyright Confusion". There is a good background on how this information was gathered and disseminated to teachers and students at Temple University. She has presented at several regional conferences on the topic and her sites are a must read for librarians, technology teachers as well as parents, students and any educator from k-12. Be sure to read the Q&A page for some additional clarification.
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