Join Izzit and select from a list of videos for your free one. There are several types of memberships, but I have been a member for several years and have selected a free video, with no strings attached, each year. Some of the videos available are not first run movie theatre flicks, so don't look for that. These videos include topics about the Pilgrims, David Robinson, Drew Carey, microeconomics, and solar energy.

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Online Education Conference on Climate Change
from the Smithsonian Institution

Join one or all of twelve exciting sessions of the Smithsonian’s free online conference, September 29 to October 1. “Climate Change” sessions are appropriate for teachers, their students, and the general public.

In this innovative format, you will
interact in real-time with Smithsonian experts and hundreds of fellow participants. With only a computer and an Internet connection, you will see and hear live presentations, take part in a moderated Q&A forum, and exchange ideas with a community of learners. It's a special behind-the-scenes look into the Smithsonian's multi-disciplinary research on climate change that can help you and your students (especially middle and high school) better understand this complex topic.

From prehistoric plant life and its reactions to climate change, to how peoples in the past dealt with changing environments, to artists’ and young innovators’ responses—it’s a conference only the Smithsonian could offer—and it’s available free of charge, to
view live or replay at any time.

Register Now
For the conference program and registration, go to

Special Educator Resources
Don’t miss the special section for educators with ideas for before, during, and after the conference.

Information directly from the website.

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The Education Team at the Zoo will be hosting two Teacher Open Houses (October 13th and 14th) from 5:00-6:30 pm in order to showcase our new McNeil Avian Center as well as visit with educators about the resources and programs available through the Zoo. The event is FREE and will include light refreshments. Registration for the Open Houses is on a first-come, first-serve basis and is now available online through our Teachers’ Lounge. Please help spread the word!

Have you heard? Tua, the16-year-old Sumatran orangutan, is expecting her first baby in October. Sumatran orangutans are among the largest of all primates and also among the most endangered - scientists estimated that there were only 3500 surviving in the wild in 2002, and numbers were continuing to drop. Read a recent article about Tua and visit the Zoo’s website to learn more about Sumatran orangutans.

Information above directly from the September Educator newsletter. To contact the zoo directly email:

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Wikis can be used for many things by different people. Even with the limited editing tools, there is enough available to create some online content for any purpose. There is a blog post on the site that offers 50 Ways to Use Wikis for a More Collaborative and Interactive Classroom.
When you are finished reading this article, visit this site to compare over 25 different types of wiki programs.

Want some more suggestions? Try these:
  1. 38 Ways to use Wordle
  2. 17 Ways to use VoiceThread
  3. 23 Ways to use Nintendo DS in the classroom
  4. 40 Ways to use Pocket Video
  5. 21 Ways to use GoogleDocs
  6. 24 Ways to use GoogleEarth
  7. 42 Ways to use your IWB in your classroom
  8. 34 Interesting ways to use Search Engines in the classroom
  9. 25 Interesting ways to use Twitter in the classroom
Using search engines in your classroom
Best Places to learn Web2.0 tools.

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chicks @ farm techImage by happy via via Flickr

In a recent podcast by The Tech Chicks, they recommended several great and FREE links/sites/applications. So be sure to visit their site and enjoy these teaching resources:
  1. Math Posters
  2. TakingITGlobal - social network for student to take a stand for their environment.
  3. Kewl Grader - just like that little wheel you have to figure out a percentage score for a student who gets 7 wrong out of 27. There is an iPhone app for this too.
  4. Bugscope - The Bugscope project provides free interactive access to a scanning electron microscope (SEM) so that students anywhere in the world can explore the microscopic world of insects.
  5. SignUpNow - create an online sign up sheet for many things, homeroom activities, personal lists etc. Here is a sample:
  6. Energy Education - Teach your students the importance of green energy while enhancing your required curriculum. Here you'll find about 63 creative lesson plans, projects and other activities for grades K-12 on energy-related topics.
  7. Reflections - Icebreaker activities
Enjoy the resources AND of course, pass them on to a colleague.

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I thought this blog post about President Obama's speech for the first day of school said it all.

Certainly we have had many other presidents speak to students early in the school year without all the fuss. They were, of course, Republican presidents. I think releasing the content of the speech in advance was a wise choice for the administration. You can read the full text below. The video is also linked here too.

Above image from CNN by way of NYDaily
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