Getting most students to write is like pulling teeth with a string. Want to use a web2.0 tool to get them started? Then try . The directions are simple, right from the site:

simple. you'll see one word at the top of the following page.

you have sixty seconds to write about it.

as soon as you click 'go' the page will load with the cursor in place.

don't think. just write.

There is a one minute timer at the top of the page to let you know how much tine remains. It is quick and even though I am a pretty good typist, I was frazzled by the timer and time limit and made too many mistakes in the writing. But I expected a summary of how many words, spelling/grammar errors or some feedback. That was my disappointment. I wish I could change the time limit to 2 or 3 minutes to make it a valuable tool for language arts creative writing.

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