A teacher writing on a blackboard.Image via WikipediaTech teachers often discuss great programs to show others and get excited when the others take to an idea and use it in their lesson. We share on Twitter, Plurk, at conferences, by email and by reading each others blog postings. But WHY don't some people attempt to use some of these great tools?

Top 10 Reasons NOT to integrate:

10. I don't want to - I have been teaching this unit long enough to know what works best
9. There is only one computer in my room and only I use it.
8. The computer lab is NEVER available during my class time.
7. I don't have time to fit it into the curriculum. There is too much to cover already.
6. I want a tech support person in my room while I am using theses programs.
5. I don't have the time to learn something new.
4. Students use computers too much already.
3. It is not written in to the scope/sequence of the curriculum.
2. Something will not work during the lesson.

and the number one reason is:
1. No one is going to MAKE me do it.

So what gives? How can we bring along those resisters? Your comments welcomed.
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