4:05 PM-Progress Being MadeImage by Old Shoe Woman via FlickrOver the past several days I have seen many great educational websites suggested by fellow tech teachers on Plurk.com. So I want to pass on a list so you can explore them as well. If you have not taken the plunge to twitter.com or plurk.com. Give it a try. I have learned so much from plurkworld friends that are excellent teaching resources. Feel free to add me as a friend or fan: (rmom352) so we can share resources. This is a great collection, thank you plurkers.
  1. Avoid Overeating on Thanksgiving Day
  2. World in Balance - NOVA from PBS
  3. Speed reading - practice reading faster
  4. One Word - writing assignment online
  5. World Without Oil - Lesson Plans
  6. Doint.com - create custom animations
  7. Learning GoogleEarth
  8. Google Search tips
  9. Social way of learning a new language
  10. Black Friday ads - shop from home in advance!

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