How many times have you been in the store, heard what you thought was YOUR cell phone ringing and see 3 others reaching for their pocket too? You may want to change your cell ringer to something more specific. Some cell plans let you set a different ring for each person on your contact list. Purchasing the ringtones from your cell carrier can be costly and the biggest rip off of all is losing your purchased tones when you BUY a new phone. Why can't they transfer these and delete them from the original phone. You bought them and should be able to use them one one cell at a time? I don't know the answer, but I have a small solution. This site: Free Ringtones from Phonezoo, will allow you to select some very interesting ringtones and download them directly to your phone for FREE! I found several silly ringtones and the most recent lullaby from "Twilight". So this is my present to all of my readers. Merry Christmas!

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