How to Implement Vodcasting into Your Classroom Environment by Christopher Cooley, 7th grade math teacher. Screen capture by Camtasia Studio allows you to film what you are doing on your computer. He uses this with his whiteboard, captures the lesson, sends it to ScreenCast so kids can access that information from a wiki, webpage etc. Great for introducing a new concept or a review. You can use on the Mac environment and it is FREE. There is a new product coming out that is usable for PC AND Mac in beta testing at their website. Can use Gizmos to create your face on another image(superheros).

Audio/visual presentations are known as vodcasting. Just audio presentation is podcasting. Vodcasting has three main components
  • recording the session, from minutes to hours, web cam or camcorder
  • translating the screen recording session into a movie format: Flash, .mp4 or .wmv(Flash take 4 hours to render a 45 minute lesson - YIKES!)
  • upload the movie to your host (YouTube, TeacherTube, your web page or wiki, or
You need:
  • Computer with sound
  • microphone to plug in to mic jack or USB microphone, can get at RadioShack or less than $40 each or you can use a Bluetooth or your XBox headset!
  • software that will record session
  • software that will render the session
  • host to upload the session (he has 100GB on ScreenCast)
BUT - if you have a SMARTBoard, you already have the software to do this process.

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