This is such a hop topic and it can affect many aspects of education. First of all student work, as it is created is automatically copyrighted. That means that if you wish to use a student's work on your bullein board as an anchor, you must have written permission and keep it on file.

Creative Commons is a place to use work without violation of copyright. Wikipedia does not allow copyrighted images in it's site, so you can use them. photos can be used without fear of infringement. CAPE has a lot of information for teachers who wish to learn more about copyright.

Be careful of duplication of class materials. Look in the book for the "allow unlimited copies" permission release statement. This is often in the front of a teacher's version, or at the bottom of the page of a black line master. Look on the Internet for resources you can use. Government documents are ALWAYS free to use. You must still cite them, but you may make copies of the maps, letters, documents available there. Another location is MIT OpenCourseware. They have put all 1800 models and content online FREE for anyone to use.

Scott Garrigan's presentation is available HERE.

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