KEYNOTE - David Pogue. David is most known for his 60 "Missing Manual" series of books, daily blog "Pogue's Posts" for NYTimes and his tech video appears Sunday morning on CNBC. His website is His predictions of tech for the future:
  • VIOP - Your phone number is connected to the external box, not the phone. You can take the box with you anywhere and keep the phone number, quality etc.
  • SKYPE - Free phone calls computer to computer going over the internet. No phone company involved. Perhaps it will come to cell phones. Ah yes, see T-Mobile. Unfortunately their announcement was made the same day as the iPhone, but watch them for future developments. You can take this phone overseas and make free calls.
  • GOOGLE CELLULAR - (46645) call Instead of calling 411 at $2 per shot, you can Google what you need. Type in pharmacy and it will give you the closest one, address and phone number. Also get weather (weather Sacramento), movie (Shrek 19711), driving directions, unit conversions, currency conversions by sending them a text.
  • SIMULSCRIBE - Will transcribe your text messages to voice messages.
  • CALL WAVE - Transcribe the jist of your message but is free.
  • A la CARTE TV - Any show at anytime.
  • HD -High Definition standards are being fought by Blu-ray and HD DVD. Sony and Toshiba are fighting this format war like the Beta vs. VHS format wars of the 80's. Just sit back and watch the players fight it out before investing because half of Hollywood is on one format and the other half is on the other format.
  • INTERNET VIDEO - Because many companies are getting in to this business for profit.
  • WIRELESS EVERYWHERE - Right now you can get a card from Verizon to get online everywhere, but at $60 per month. Watch this video about the iPhone Shuffle(parody).
  • HANDWRITING - LOL, MORF(male or female), AF, BRB, IMHO, RTFM(read the frekin' manual) TTFN, POS(parent over shoulder). The point is, kids are putting these into their school work!?! Engineers have adapted the Palm writing code and often write to each other in that form! Email is considered old fashined and old, kids want you to text them, not voice message or email.
  • ONLINE VIDEO - YouTube, and many many others are the current form of entertainment.
  • WEB2.0 - Information anywhere - site), loans apply and lend)
  • COPYRIGHT - Right now people are using a lot of materials to mashup
    • borrow CD from library
    • my cd is scratched borrow from lib to re-rip
    • record a movie off HBO and burn to dvd
    • my friend did this and I borrowed his and rip
  • PUBLIC INFORMATION - Your email is NOT exactly private if the other person chooses to publish the content, or publish it in the local news. Beware of any videos that are created just for fun or school project, these too can be republished on a video site.
This way by far one of the most entertaining keynote speakers I have heard. Loved his tech insights. I guess I'll look at the NYT more often!

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