I am participating in a blogging challenge for the next 20 days. It is sponsored by Kelley Hines from North Carolina to encourage teachers to learn to blog. Here is the list of challenge topics:

If you would like information about creating a blog, see Kelly's post here. Invite a friend to create a blog as well, so you have someone to work along side of you through the process. 

BC#1 - Recently I have been reading books about life in Scotland. My heritage is 100% Scot since all four of my grandparents came here in the early part of the 20th century. Even though these novels are historical fiction, they explore life in different part of the country. Sometimes the story takes place in another time in history, some of the books take place in modern day.  What I really liked about them is the connection the people had to be loyal to their nation and culture. Each of the books simply describe customs, language irregularities and make personal connections.

I am planning on an extended trip to Scotland in 2015. My hope is to exchange or rent a home in the town of Glasgow so I can lean about the area where my grandparents lived. It will be just a short train stop to Edinburgh to explore some really old buildings, nature areas and of course the famous Edinburgh castle. One other book I have been devouring is "Dummies Guide to Scotland". You can't go wrong there!

Curricular Connection: Students could read a book about a country of their heritage and they could compare information with each other using the Board Builder in Discovery, Glogster or a PhotoCollage app for an iPad. There are so many different types of geography in this country to compare to parts of the US. A math lesson could consist of learning how the UK money is different than other European nations. Naturally a Google Tour would be a fantastic way to share the locations mentioned in the story.

The books are 1) The Winter Sea and Shadowy Horses by Suzanna Kearsley. You can find more information about her on this website.

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