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Last year I was inspired to create a photo-blog and take a photo a day for 2009. It was really fun in the beginning because it was so new. I admit it got tough after a while, but I kept plugging away. Here it is December 26 and I am still going strong. There were days I didn't post, but later went back and added something to the date. Just this morning I saw a post on plurk to try the one photo a week challenge. This is a no pressure voluntary activity, to share photos with fellow educators. In return you get access to their photos that you can freely use in your blogs, sites, or documents as most are attribution license. The photos can be of anything that inspires you for the day, a flower, a sign, seasonal photos, or everyday objects, just have fun with it. Here is one the of photos I took during the year. If I take them at school, I try not to get kids faces so there is no issue for permission or identitiy.
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