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It was such a lousy rainy day, I guess most of the universe was indoors playing. There are so many great sites posted today on plurk, that I wanted to share them with you all.
  1. Name the states and spell them correctly - FYI, the lowest time I saw online today was 6:45 remaining. Try it.
  2. Special effects - Graphic design and other things it looks like fun.
  3. Me and My Movie - Create a simple movie with a lot of effects. Enter the contests.
  4. Brain Boosters - I didn't know this was on the DiscoveryEducation site! Too many activities to explain here.
  5. Twitter Polls - use a poll on Twitter to get quick feedback.
  6. Paper that blooms - send a card and the recipient can plant the card for flowers!
  7. Top 10 Healthy Fast Foods- and bottom 10 as well.
  8. ShoutEm - create your own microblogging community
  9. Listen and See - digital stories about books - Wes Fryer
  10. Podstock - event notes and handouts - this was fun to listen to and watch on Elluminate
  11. OK JUST ONE MORE - Newspaper clipping - create your own newspaper headline and story.

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