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I am overwhelmed with the incredible links and projects that are shared on plurk and twitter. Yesterday I did a demo of Twitter for our staff. I chose Twitter because it is getting the most press these days and it was a short informal demonstration. They were not actually setting up accounts at the meeting. We showed some ways Twitter is being used in education, politics, by celebrities, and other groups. I have included the links I found for using Twitter in education:
  1. Alan Hasvitz

  2. Academhack

  3. Google Document of twitter teachers and the way they use it in education

So back to the NEXT10 ideas from
  1. Fabric on Demand - design your own fabric patterns and have the material made
  2. PhotoPeach - a new way to display photos online, choices include captions
  3. 101 Creative Ideas for teaching geography
  4. ScribbleMap
  5. Best on the Web
  6. Your Digital Footprint
  7. Nature Photography - don't forget to CITE the image if you use them in a document. Also, many are "pay for use" so read the details. They are magnificent to look at however.
  8. $5 Dinners - Let's face it, we all need shortcuts at home too!
  9. Science Fair Central - developed by DiscoveryEducation
  10. Think Like a Designer - by Garr Reynolds, great site about creating presentations

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