Lightbulb Sunset...Image by Steffe via Flickr

While reading the current issue of MacLife (May '09) I came across the article: "A Natural Fit". There were so many great and simple ideas for cutting your electricity costs! In addition, many websites were mentioned with free or cheap software programs to help you monitor or control your energy consumption. The first one I tried was a FREE site to estimate your consumption of natural resources. Just putting this information into the program made me think a lot more about how much waste there is in my house! Two desktops two laptops, four people, lots of lights left ON! So I made the badge to the right to put the information right in front of me each day as a reminder to control our electricity use much better. Let's see if we can get that number down for next month!
The site offers a number of ways you can see your data. The charts are helpful and if you open an account, it will keep and help you to track your data. All this for the best price of FREE.

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