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This article caught my attention: "The Top10 Tech Skills Your Teen Needs" because I am the mothers of two teenagers. I totally agree about keyboarding. No matter what job today's teens have, they will use some type of computer and keyboarding will certainly be helpful and more efficient. Entering a non-service career could bring the student to make some type of presentation, so I agree with that suggestion too.

Everyone could use a little refresher in email netiquette. Using proper language, without text shortcuts, can convey a message better. Maintaining an online calendar or organizer will be commonplace for most people soon. And finally I absolutely agree about efficiently searching for information on the Internet. Most people use Google/Yahoo keywords to find what they need without thought to narrowing the focus. Searching skills are really critical to saving time and getting proper answers to you inquiry.

Read the article to see what your preference would be for today's teens!

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