Tour de France Google Earth MapsImage by plemeljr via Flickr

Jason Heiser - He created the GE tour and assigns kids to read the information on the tour and "Identify the 3 most important battles in the Pacific by reading the info in the tour."

You can import video, audio and Glogster files into a google earth placemark. He used the 5 themes of geography as a topic. Link for this HERE.

Students become responsible for their own learning but the teacher creates the content. Flash, video, audio photo, or text can b used. He has his web page and rubrics in placemarks for students to access.

Fly to: simple starting point for students to fly a tour. will take your text and make an audio file so you can embed it into their wiki. Use the directions on the wiki.

Activating Layers: This is where you add content. You can use,,, scribd, Voki

Have students create history tours - students can create their own icons to mark the battles and who won

Jog the web - Jason's collection of Google Earth sites including student projects.
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