Presented by Thomas Mclaughlin and Drew Giorgi. These teachers use PMWiki which is FREE. His wiki is HERE. There are links to many educational tools, including one that can turn your screen into a whiteboard! More later.

Using PMWiki, you can host your own wiki farm by following these directions. The advantage of setting this up for yourself is no public access. It remains an internal connection and access to parents, teachers and students only.

Educational uses for creating wikis (more on his web)
  • webquest
  • web pages
  • project deveopment
  • research development
  • collecting notes
  • authoring
  • sharing information
  • notecards
  • students/teachers creating links for a project
  • time dated journals
  • book review - all review the same book
  • book review - students review different books.
  • sharing sources for one topic creates a great page of links
  • student journalist can compile a newsletter online
Turn your screen into a smartboard - Purchase a Wii-mote, a USB dongle (not from RadioShack) and a jump rope handle, follow the directions on this site. Download the free Notebook software from SmartBoard.

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