Mifflin County School District - Partner with local organizations, PTO, Lions, Band parents, Rotary, Communities That Care Organizations, etc, to help you promote the evening. You can also try to get students involved in this program as presenters, or answering questions from parents they could demonstrate an online chat or video connection, or how to use myspace or facebook. Kids give top 10 tech tips for parents.

  • social networking sites myspace and facebook
  • IM codes and how to use it
  • how to check history
  • how to use IM and send them to your kids
  • how to text

Get everyone aware: bumper sticker contest, 8th grade internet safety commercials,

Remember to get student permissions to show their work in public!!

Include district personnel, Director of Technology, Police, lawyers, judges or whoever is prominent in your area. Notify the media that you are having this program. Create parent flyers to distribute to all levels. Have handouts for people and door prizes! Let people evaluate the program at the end. This school produced a CD for people to take home to review the materials.

"What was your role for the Internet Safety Night" video included on the CD. Ask people involved to say a short one minute summary of what they did to help organize this event including parents, students and teachers. Film it live and put it on a CD for those parents who could not attend the program.

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