For the second year in a row it has snowed on Wednesday of PETE&C! I am sitting in a 2:00 session about blogs and wikis. I feel really bad for the people scheduled for the sessions at 2 and 3:00. So whoever stays until the end......gets all the prizes! Yesterday I has a slow leak in one of my front tires. It was so cold and windy I thought my hand was going to freeze to the thingy that puts air into the tires!! Since I heard that it might snow on Tuesday, I bit the bullet and went to Goodyear and bought two tires for the front! Thank goodness! I can't believe it is snowing like crazy here in Hershey and our school got out 2 hours early!!! So I'll be leaving here in about 30 minutes and trek home to New London! I know there are grammatical errors and some spelling mistakes and I will fix them when I get home later.

This was a great conference again and I got to meet some people in person that I have been emailing or Tweeting or communicating with online. Some of the authors of the blogs I read are here too and I was happy to speak with them about their contributions to 21st century learning! Thanks to everyone who was filming, backchaneling, tweeting, and blogging.

Our learning doesn't stop here, or anywhere as long as you keep reading what people are posting! Pay it forward.

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