This website was created by a team of 20 teachers who wanted to share ideas. Suddenly people wanted to join and contribute to the wiki from all over the world.

There is a book club session where they talk/online about books such as, Wikinomics, and Daniel Pink's book A Whole New Mind. Check the site for the next book.

Many teachers have ideas to share here. There are projects you can take part in with your classroom. The links are HERE to find a project. Take a chance, start slow and small. Just participate yourself first if you are nervous, then jump in with your class.

Interview section where you can hear about teachers from all over the world. The first one is from Tazmania.

Don't forget to keep the students directly involved in the process. They have great ideas and can organize the projects too! You can even send them out to find a project that will work with your curriculum. Believe me, they will find something if you give them the task. -One team of teachers from a district are each adding their notes to a wiki for sharing. Now that she has announced this address, I am sure that others in the room will add to her site. I will put this blog link there too. GREAT idea. I want to try this with our teachers too for next year.

Look to the blog section to read some good education blogs to follow. - check it out.

Great idea from Jen Dorman to have students learn a web2.0 tool and create a presentation to teach the teachers how to use it! Why not, these kids have the time and the desire to learn new things and love to have "one up" on their teachers!

Looking for a staff development project? Visit this differentiated instruction wiki.
Use parents in your district to help with projects. One teacher mentioned a parent travels the world often and brings back rocks from different locations. He takes a photo of the location and as much information as he can to contribute to the class study.

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