PETE&C is the Pennsylvania Educational Technology Exposition & Conference. It is a long name for a smaller, but excellent educational technology conference. Held in Hershey for the past nine years, it attracts around 2,200 educators, principal, IT Directors as well as others from all over the US.

On Sunday DiscoveryEducation sponsors a pre-conference day of discovery with sessions unlike the conference schedule. Most of the sessions are right on current or emerging technologies with ideas you can take back to your classroom to use right away.

Steve Dembo and Porter Palmer from DiscoveryEducation started off the day with a few demos and challenges. Dembo challenged the audience to "blow up old models of a classroom". Be creative with everything from the seating to the location of materials around the room. He also showed how is young son is using some augmented reality games with manipulatives:

  1. Life of George
  2. Cublets
  3. Sifteo cube
These are great for younger students who want to learn about robotics. There are so many different ways kids can play with robots without realizing that they are learning, creating and perhaps finding their future.

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