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You can get UV widgets, smartphone apps of the UV Index for your town at this site. Post the widget to your Facebook or school page for all to see. There are teaching materials, such as presentations and lesson plans available here as well as a song: "Sunscreen Dance". If you wish more information and teaching materials visit www.epa.gov/sunwise The username is toolkit an the password is foryou.

Find all of these great resources and more at : http://www.epa.gov/sunwise/schools.html

SunWise has an 11.5 minute video about sun safety on the site. Be one of the first 10 to spot an error in the video and they will send you a pack of ultraviolet (UV) sensitive beads. Email them at: SunWise@epa.gov

There is even a "NO FRY DAY" set for the day before Memorial Day weekend.
Details are at the site. Why not have a UV alert mailed to your email. Then you can plan ahead when you know the prediction for the next day!

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