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The underground Railroad has roots around the whole of the East coast. Many routes passed through the county were I live. The local tourist bureau runs tours showing guests the routes, homes and various locations where slaves were moved or stayed on their run for freedom. Scholastic has put together this site: Underground Railroad: Video, Audio, Timelines providing resources, worksheets, and reference material for teachers. There are many links on the page, so don't forget to scroll all the way to the bottom for some additional curriculum resources.

There is a teacher's guide, along with a web hunt, vocabulary, timelines and maps that follow the many routes.

Other Links:
  1. National Geographic Underground RR site
  2. PBS information about URR
  3. Scholastic sources
  4. William Still
  5. National Underground RR Freedom Center
  6. 42Explore many links and resources
  7. Kennett Square URR Center
  8. If you have an account, DiscoveryEducation resources
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