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Girls Inc.

Picture the world through the eyes of a Girls Inc. girl. She belongs to a community that empowers her to pursue the biggest dreams she can dream. She is uplifted by the strength of a national organization that is committed to inspiring the leaders of tomorrow.

This is how Girls Inc. celebrates girlhood. Letter to parents about this site.

Sally Ride Science

Science Festivals, invent a toy, hear Sally ride speak, and general information for girls to be encouraged to pursue science careers. This is a fun day, as I attended a Science Festival with my daughter about 5 years ago. I think she was to young to get it, because I was the one who stood in line for her autograph!

Gotta Have iT

Many many many resources for encouraging girls to gt involved in tech or science careers. Links to contests, challenges and lesson ideas for teachers. Resources for parents as well.

More resources and organizations on this web page.
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