iIf you have not created a cartoon animation of yourself as an elf, santa or trekker, then here is your chance. Make a fun avatar for use on your website or send an e-card to a family member. These are fun, but check them out completely before using with students. Some sites contain partial nudity or characters in skimpy outfits.

  1. Yearbook yourself
  2. Create your own Marvel Comic SuperHero
  3. The Hero Factory
  4. Bless This Chick
  5. Spud Yourself
  6. Simpsonize Me
  7. Elf Yourself - not available until November 1st
  8. Terminate yourself - turn your face into "The Terminator"
  9. Madmen Yourself - men and women
  10. 12 sites to cartoon yourself - preview yourself - not sure about some of the images for school
  11. Santa Yourself
  12. Scrooge Yourself - available at holiday time
  13. Many many create yourself and make items site - preview before using with students
  14. Jib-Jab
  15. Animate yourself - preview before using with students
  16. Trek Yourself - make yourself a StarTrek character
  17. Build your Wild self
  18. Make an Anime
  19. Lego Yourself - make a LEGO character
  20. Create an M&M piece
  21. My Avatar Editor
  22. Monster Mash by JibJab
  23. Make a Western Style Wanted Poster
  24. Mr. Picassohead
  25. Make a beast!
  26. Diary of a Wimpy Kid! - wimp yourself too
  27. Avatar in video using webcam
  28. Digimi - starts w/characters in underwear-caution for kids - risque outfits
  29. MyWebFace - cartoon yourself
  30. DoppleMe - small cartoon style join free to make more choices (some alcohol in item choices)
  31. Portrait Icon Maker - from a photo or from scratch
  32. Meez - moving avatars, can make one for free, if you join, be aware of the games section not sure if appropriate for your school
  33. Zwinky - photo to avatar - PC only no Mac version so it says on site
  34. TizMe - some alternative clothing (risque) and alcohol as items
  35. WeeWorld Avatar - no alcohol, but can change the size of the breasts! Ads were OK today, but may not be sometime. Looks like movie ads.
  36. Digital Tools for Teachers Blog - with ideas for using avatars in class
  37. RasterBoy - simple, but 2 alcohol items
  38. My Designer Games - not compatible with Macs - PC only
  39. Super Dressup Girls - not compaitble with Macs - PC only
  40. Fairy Maker - free click buttons to change the features on the butterfly fairy
  41. Komono Maker - dress up the female on the page by clicking on buttons
  42. Elf Maker - dress up a female elf
  43. 15 more Makers from same site including dragons and unicorn, warrior, and history.
  44. Faces I make - use food objects to create a funny face
  45. iVatar - app for iTouch/iPhone to share avatar to Facebook or email
  46. Switcheroo Zoo - change features on animals, and learn about habitats
  47. Creature Creator from Underland Chronicles
  48. Mr. Magorium's Toy Creator - simple for small children more creators at the bottom of the page
  49. Sonic Charrie Maker - from Deviant Art fun and simple
  50. Sonic Character Maker -
  51. Male Furry Doll Maker - cartoon style
  52. Female Furry Doll Maker - cartoon style
  53. Spore character maker - like the game
  54. Chao Maker - cartoon
  55. Pokemon Trainer character -
  56. Many movie characters, Shrek, Robocop, Minnion, and be in the Dove commercial, e*Trade ad and more.
  57. Clay Yourself
Also, if you know of any other sites like this, please leave a comment!
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