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I have been at Discovery Headquarters for 3 days and my brain is full! There are new things coming from Discovery and will be public soon. All of my notes from the Discovery workshops are located here on my Discovery Blog: CenterStage at the DEN. Following this day, I will be at the Sidwell Friends School on Sunday for the Constructionist Consortium Day of fun. Having not been there before, I don't quite know what is going to happen, but the folks that went last year had a blast!
Sunday evening NECC begins and my brain will burst open by Monday. Poster sessions, keynotes, BYOL and classroom2.0 sessions everywhere! I have been learning about all of this and even more about iPhone apps everyone is using.
I will post here or give you links to all the exciting and new programs and activities from Washington DC!
PS - I won this stand up last night at the DiscoveryEducation get together here at Discovery1.
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