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Today, as I just learned, is Ada Lovelace Day. She was inspired by Babbage to become involved in technology many years ago! In 1842, she was credited with writing a language to use with an analytical machine that Charles Babbage had only written about. Her contributions were so highly regarded in the computer world that the Department of Defense named a computer language, Ada, in her honor. (from Wikipedia)

My tribute to women in technology include some of the podcasts I listen to including: Girls Gone Geek, The Tech Chicks, and Grammar Girl.

I follow a lot of blogs from women I respect in the tech world including: Lee Kolbert, Jen Dorman, Robin Ellis, Lucy Gray, Lisa Parisi, Pat Hensley, and of course all of the Women of the Web.

In addition, there are many women bloggers who are posting to the photo a day or 365 project. Check out Martha Thornburg, Beth Knittle, or Marie Coleman on Flickr, and see the beautiful photographs they are taking.

Other women in tech who inspire me include all of those I have met over the past year as part of the DiscoveryEducation Network (DEN). Thank you all for sharing your ideas, your generous advice and collaboration on education and everything. Of course that includes all the Plurkmammas I have befriended this past year as well!

My Red hat is off to the pioneer women who forged the way for our right to vote, burn bras, Title IX, and be gainfully employed and almost equal pay. The glass ceiling is cracked and broken in many places thanks to many of these pioneers. I sincerely hope that I can contribute in a way that provides another path to success for my daughter and girls of her generation.
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    Jennifer Carrier Dorman said...

    I didn't realize that March 24th was Ada Lovelace Day. Very cool! Thanks for recognition! I learn so much from my PLN. I hope to see you in SS in June :)

  1. ... on 8:35 AM