NEW YORK - NOVEMBER 07:  The newly-designed Ti...Image by Getty Images via DaylifeEach year I get asked if I have created any resolutions for the new year. The answer is NO. I admit loudly that my willpower for dieting or exercise is terrible. I really want to have a resolution, but alas at 55 I know myself pretty well. I had a plan to be debt free by 45, but an unexpected divorce killed that plan. One year I vowed to exercise much more and on a ski trip to Park City, on the last run, fell and needed knee surgery. Foot surgery, laziness, too busy, no time, any excuse I could find would work to crash any plans to keep a resolution. Trying to diet or exercise or become a better financial genius didn't get off the ground.

OK so here I sit in sunny Florida on vacation and I am really inspired to try again. Each morning I sit at the kitchen table with breakfast watching the senior crowd not only walk and jog by, but some are roller blading! Something is stirring me to "get with it" and get out there too. Is it the warm weather of 75˚ or the lure of the palm trees? Perhaps the flat surface with no potholes is calling me to put on my sneakers. My two teenagers are still asleep after a day of Guitar Hero World Tour and evening of Wii tennis and bowling. That in itself is exhausting!

Today is December 30, and I don't need to wait until January 1, 2009. I also bought the Wii Fit, thinking that would inspire me since I put out the $90 for the equipment. So let's see if I can at least do a week because next week we are on a cruise to the Caribbean. Eating and drinking nonstop. Little umbrella drinks and food all day! How can I resist? By making wise choices and not choosing the chocolate all the time, but the nice fresh tropical fruit. Eat some great things, but in moderation. Can I do it? Not sure.

But if you ask me, I will still say NO to creating a New Year's Resolution.
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