Seal of the University of Maryland (Trademark ...Image via WikipediaThere are several pay for service plagiarism checker programs you can use to check student work, but here is a FREE version for your use: The Plagiarism Checker.
After using some words from this blog, I was quite amazed to see that in a very short time (3 seconds) the checker returned a link for possible plagiarism problem for each of 4 sentences I used, or borrowed. I found this to be easy to use, quick and the price is right.
This program is produced by the University of Maryland as part of a project for a technology class and is credited to Brian Klug - 2002. I guess it is not so new, but we are rediscovering this tool for many purposes. Thanks to Cliotech for reminding us that this great service is still available. She posted it in her blog.
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