Make an elf, potato, sand design,
Santa face, or snowflake,
gingerbread person(1), you can
spud yourself or elf yourself with these links!
Jan Brett has a gingerbread(2) site too! Here are my snowflake and
gingerbread(3) creations.

You can also decorate a
Christmas Tree (1), Christmas Tree(2),Christmas Tree (3), and another
Christmas Tree (4). Put the lights on the Christmas Village. If you like the cold, make a
snow family(1), snow family(2), or snow family (3). Help Mrs.Claus decorate.
If you are not too tired after all of that, try some Christmas Games. Finally, you can have an online advent calendar for your class or family. Here is another simple snowman activity for early elementary students.
Here are
10 different choices of online advent calendars.

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