Primary School in Image via Wikipedia Several of my PPLN friends have been at the GoogleTeacher Academy today and their plurks make the day sound very educational. I will be sending my application for the GTA, the next time it is in the East. Google is doing a great service to education just by having all of the FREE tools available. They started the GTA a few years ago and through this, they are creating evangelists for their products. If the products were not very education friendly, they there wouldn't be such a rush to apply. I would love to go to their Mountain View office for a
GTA, so I will keep my eyes open for that opportunity!

I am looking forward to reading the blogs of my colleagues to learn from them. This is what makes teaching so fun. When you have friends who will share their joys with everyone, so they can experience that same joy with their students!!
Teach teachers share their toys really well!

As soon as I have a comfort level with one of the Google Tools, someone sends a great idea for using a new tool. There is no special place to begin learning the Google suite of tools. You must however, create a Google account and start to click around to find different tools that suit your needs.
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