From the community:
"What does the upcoming Presidential Election have to do with students learning an e-Safety lesson? i-SAFE has just launched a new curriculum unit that features an activity which encourages students to vote for the candidate of their choice.

Check out the new unit – Online Identity and You – for middle and high school levels, available for download in the Online Personal Safety curriculum module. In addition to comprehensive standards-based curriculum on topics related to online personal safety and identity concerns, the materials provide step-by-step guidance on how adults and students can become verified and create online profiles that provide better levels of safety. Verification with will enable students to:

  • Learn about the importance of maintaining “levels of identity” online in order to be safe and secure in Internet activities and communications
  • Build and use safe online profiles
  • Engage in safe and secure online activities and contests

That’s where the voting for President comes in. But you’ll need to ACT FAST. Direct your students to and register, and then go to, where they can cast their online ballot today! This special voting activity for students ends on Election Day, November 4th."

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