If you want to compare election advertisements from 1952 to today you can visit the Museum of the Moving Image website: "The Living Room Candidate". There are six different types of commercials you can view; biographical, children, commander in chief, documentary, fear, and real people. In addition, you may view commercials by issue including; civil rights, corruption, taxes, war, and welfare.

FIRST LINK - Teaching with the resources can be very helpful. If you register with them, you can keep a playlist of the ads you wish to use over and over again, without searching each time. What a timely site for teachers using the election as part of their curriculum and want to offer a new angle on the propaganda used by each side.

SECOND LINK - "Do We Encourage Voting?" A blog post by Pat Hensley at Successful Teaching. I would encourage you to read her post as well as the follow up comments. You never know where that next teaching idea may appear!

THIRD LINK - Jogtheweb - This little, but valuable web walk includes 10 resources for teaching about the Presidential election in classrooms. This one was created by Martha Thornburgh - I think she did a great job with this new tool.

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