This session is running in Second Life, Ustream, and Chatzy all at the same time. I am sure there are Twitters going out as well. The walls come tumbling down.
Google Presentation - collaborative for students to use and when someone is absent, the others can keep working or work from home.
YouTube - The connected classroom, share your video, presentation, before you use them and you can get feedback from others.
Twitter, Google, Diigo, Wikispaces, UStream - tools that Kristen uses.
Wikis, embedded content from other locations to one place, Skype, -Darren
Blogger, Twitter on cell phone, bridges vs. walls, Communication and Learning Revisited - book, which references students learn by talking, online book talks, flickr - Carolyn Foote
Literature Alive in Second Life, Skype, Birth of Literature Alive(The edgar Allan Poe house of Usher, Camelot, The Cantebury Tales) Mixbook, Penzu, Google Notebook and Docs, Yuuguu, Wikispaces, -Beth Ritter-Guth

Open PD - Anyone can participate in the virtual classroom experience for FREE. Daren and Robin teach social software with teachers from all over the world from the comfort of your own home!
SL - create a gmail account such as and join the educator forum to get some help or a mentor to help guide you.

Kristin - first step for collecting bookmarks, then go to Diigo to expand your bookmarking to sharing with friends, or groups, highlighting info on web pages, etc

Carolyn - live blogging, edublogs, wordpress, cover it live, - use with student groups to talk about book talks,,

Stephanie - Ustream - use a cable not wifi, video streaming on the web, with a chat ad backchannel, try to have a backchannel moderator to pull out the questions for the panel,

Backchannel - helps the students who are a bit more quiet particpate

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