Thanks to my colleague Laboure Rafferty for these three math links from a workshop she is attending this week. This is her review of the sites:
  1. Math Songs: "The website provides songs to teach students mathematical concepts through the music of many familiar songs. The songs are written to well known tunes such as: Dry Bones Song, Heartbreak Hotel, Hotel California, O'Christmas Tree, Old MacDonald Had a Farm, New York, New York, Jailhouse Rock, Houndog, Twelve Days of Christmas, Burning Ring of Fire, Blue Suede Shoes, Do You Believe in Magic, etc. A variety of mathematical concepts are taught through the songs. The concepts include but are not limited to: multiplying integers, rates and rations, PEMDAS, parenthesis, circumference and area of circle, simplifying rationale expressions, solving equations, graphing lines, Y=MX +B, Vertical Lines, quadratic formula, distance formula, midpoint formula, squaring a binomial, factoring for basic math to Alg. 2, exponent rules, finding equation of line from two points, solving systems of equations, linear equations, slope, Pythagorean theorem, CPCTC, parallel lines cut by a transversal, COIC PAAM, and horizontal asymptote. The site offers a variety of possibilities for use. The songs could be used to introduce a new mathematical concept. They could also be used to help students prepare and study for tests. "
  2. Math Songs & Poems: "This website is maintained by Vicki Young who teaches at Motlow State Community College in Lynchburg, Tennessee. The site offers a variety of poems and songs related to math. The site is organized by math standards. The topics covered include: number and operation, patterns and algebra, graphs and functions, geometry, measurement, probability and statistics, problem solving, reasoning and proof, communication, connections, and representation. Just as Ronnie Flowers site could be used to introduce a new mathematical concept or to help students prepare or study for tests, this site could also be used to help students reinforce mathematical concepts."
  3. Ask Dr.Math: "Ask Dr. Math is a website maintained by the Math Forum @ Drexel University. The Math Forum is a research and educational enterprise of the Drexel School of Education. The site is a wealth of information on a variety of math topics. It provides a variety of answers to math related questions as well as the ability to ask a question and receive an answer from a member of The Math Forum. Math Problems of the week are provided in the areas of math fundamentals, pre-algebra, algebra and geometry. Interactive mathematics puzzles are also available. A full table of contents on a variety of mathematical topics is also provided. The site is a fabulous resource for students and teaches alike."
Whoever says teachers sit around and eat bon-bons in the summer doesn't know education. I know many teachers who are extending their PLN(personal learning network) by taking courses, attending workshops, conferences, seminars and connecting with others all over the country, and world. In fact, this weekend I am going with another colleague to the DEN Regional Workshop in Monmouth University. Watch for some blog posts on that next week.

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