1. PollEverwhere.com
  2. CHaCha - call cha cha, ask a question and you will get an answer. Will use outdoors or on a field trip to ask questions. 1800 - 2chacha - you can text or call in a question.
  3. Animoto.com - FREE can make an online movie quickly
  4. PicLens - using images from flickr -
  5. Mosquito ringtone - FreeMosquitoRingtones.com - can you hear this? Teaching about high pitched sound.
  6. Summize -
  7. CoveritLive - live blog, you can approve live comments or NOT
  8. Qik.com - live streaming - windows mobile devices
  9. hanipoints.com - keep track of chores and points for kids can be seen by grandparents, teachers,
  10. diigo can cross post your bookmarks to other locations
  11. Make tags like grocery store tags, laminated each with a web2.0 tool an on the back the name of a person who will help you get started. At lunch let them collect the tags from the tech buffet.
  12. makebeliefscomix.com - click and drag images, and write in dialog clouds. Need to email it somewhere if you want to access it again.
  13. ToonDoo.com - create comics
  14. ajaxim - teaching kids to use IM in a safe environment
  15. doodle.ch - conference call via email FREE, can poll,
  16. timebridge - can create a meeting, remembers a meeting, can select some suggested times
  17. taggalaxy.de - collects photos and assemble them in a globe formation,
  18. webkins in the classroom - learning to be digital citizens and proper online etiquette
  19. backchannels in the classroom -
  20. exalead.com -
  21. plurk.com - liner timeline, like twitter

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