Saturday morning:
Social Networking for Professional Development - Facebook, Twitter, Moodle, and Netvibes. When does it make sense to become part of the environment? One question people have is "what will these social sites do with your intellectual property later on? After all, they own what you put on the site. However, the ning for NECC has been the perfect storm where you join, can choose your own groups.

For PD -
Need to have asynchronous and synchronous communication. Start people in a common format and lead them to be creative and explore different options. Start with a ning and provide different groups, Ustream, etc.

What was the event that caused you to continue using blogs, wikis, etc? Most people "fade" after a while, but will continue if they get network feedback from the audience of readers. Take time to give feedback to those who post or are beginners. Create a digital rapport with people. Provide conversations that will encourage participation.

How do you get teachers to be self directed in their professional development? Don't think of tech as a seperate subject, but use it as a tool to deliver curriculum. We need to find a comfortable way to encourage teachers to take chances on their own time to learn.

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