Liz wiki: - can see live results as people vote
76% of teens have cell phones PBS how Three generations of cell phone users. - can call to ask a question and they will text back the answer.

How students like to learn?
Anytime, anyplace, anywhere any pace
Structured activities
Relevancy with real world

only 23% of students think we are preparing them for their future learning
Mobile blog - an online journal that is created and can be viewed via mobile phone - people have become the news reporters beause they have photo capability, blog capability etc. -see directions on blogger moble

Podcast & interviews: - 1800-749-0632 Channel # 21059 PW: 6322 NECC

Flickr gives you free mobile account - can have students upload to class blog. There are dircetions on the fickr page.This will allow many phones to send images to the blog. Some mobile blogs only accept from one phone number. Be sur to tell your kids to know their text/photo plan BEFORE you begin this project. I would recommend that you create a permission form for parents to sign for 8th and younger.

Videoblogging: has automatic cross posting to blog
Speech to text: - allows you to speak into jott, they change it to text and post for you, or send you the message in text and voice to your email.

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