Many pundits projected that the computer would lead us to more of a paperless society. I know at our school we use more paper than ever! The recycle box is filled much too often. Here is a post from Rebecca Carter's blog: Green Options. Some food for thought...
"Today we're going to ask you to think twice, or even thrice before clicking that little print button. When you see a good Tip o' the Day, is your first instinct to print it so that you can look at it later? And when later comes, just how long do you look at that paper before you toss it, file it, or start doodling on it?

There are very few things in this life that we need to print, and they are: contracts that require an original signature and airline / travel e-tickets. Yes, that's all we can come up with. Really!

What about driving directions? If you decide to write it on paper, instead of storing it into your PDA, we guarantee it will take up just a tiny corner of scrap paper. How does it get there? Here's the old-school part: you jot down by hand.

Plus, you'll find that the moment you stop printing, your life will suddenly become more paperless. This leads to a simplified life, and we all like that! So go on, pretend that printer is broken and see how it feels to be liberated! The trees win, energy conservation wins, and your wallet wins (never buy toner again).

Rebecca says: I used to be a printaholic. Emails, maps, tips, recipes and articles. Then the best thing happened to me (for many reasons): I met my husband. He taught me to ease up on the printing drastically. Then another blessing happened, my printer stopped printing. That was almost two years ago. You'd be amazed what you don't need to print once your printer breaks (or you pretend it did)."

There are more hints on the rest of the site Green Options.

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