Yesterday I attended an Apple Inc seminar "Rethink, Preparing Students for Success". There is always something to learn from the presenters and fellow attendees at these sessions. Did you know that Microsoft Word has a notebook feature which will record voice? We saw a demonstration of a worksheet from a world language class where students recorded their voice into the document. The teacher provided feedback on the document for them to practice better inflection on certain words. This little trick can be found under the view menu as audio notes. There are many ways this can be integrated into lessons.

Two different books were referenced including Thomas Friedman's "The World is Flat", and "A Whole New Mind" by Daniel Pink. If you want to see how people are thinking differently, then read these two books. You can purchase the download from iTunes.

ProfCast is a program which can record the teacher's lectures white they use a SMARTBoard, PowerPoint, Keynote or any presentation program. Many people in the room had experience with this and recommended this product.

Finally, you can attend college from the comfort of your laptop and recliner! To listen to programs at Penn State go to There are several other universities on iTunes that will allow you to "listen in" without paying the tuition or getting the credits. Great deal! You can also find Yale, Princeton, Oxford and many others on iTunes.

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