This site will create a mathcast for you. There are a number of programs already created so view the list to see if there is something you can use. These are created by an instructor in Washington.

In the recent T.H.E.Journal(March 2007) educator Patty O'Flynn posts her mathcasts. Look at the Algebra 2, Precalculus, an AP Calculus page links on the left side of her main page. Her reference to the BestBuy grant may inspire you to apply too!

How would you like a full function math/scientific calculator? This works on OSX10.4 and up.

Here is a family math site, complete with Spanish version!

Click here for Visual Calculus.

For more Calculus and Algebra help visit Calc101.

And of course there is Drexel University's Ask Dr.Math.

Don't let the students get this one! "The Integrator has been available as a service to the internet community since 1996. Thousands of people visit the site every day. Usage of The Integrator tends to increase greatly during "calculus season," the time during the academic year when many universities cover calculus in their courses."

Here is another site from Wolfrum called MathWorld. It covers:
Applied Mathematics
Calculus and Analysis
Discrete Mathematics
Foundations of Mathematics
History and Terminology
Number Theory
Probability and Statistics
Recreational Mathematics

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    Patty said...

    Thanks for sharing the article about our mathcasts!

    I learned how to create mathcasts by working with Tim Fahlberg of - great guy!

    Patty O'Flynn
    Woodland High School

  1. ... on 4:15 PM