There were many web2.0 resources shared with attendees at PETE&C this week and I want to give you some to use as well.
  1. The Connected Classroom by Linda Nitsche contains a great PPT presentation, along with some resources for electronic field trips and a web2.0 tool YackBack.
  2. Google Mail is free with use of 2.5GB of storage space. If you need more space than that, simply open another gmail account. To manage the gDisk easier, download this application.
  3. If you use TechToolPro, then check out the free version for MAC called ONYX.
  4. If you want to follow a certain tv program such as Discovery Channel or History, or even something fun you watch such as Grey's Anatomy, go to MeeVee and you can set up a schedule of your programs and have the program email you reminders. It is like a personal TV Guide.
  5. There are many free blogging sites, but VOX allows you to add Flickr photos and videos, along with your written word.
  6. Do you want to IM with people from different services from one IM client? Then you should try Adium an you can do this very thing.
  7. Are you tired of putting $$$ into Bill Gates pocket? Then download OpenOffice for free and use a similar product.
  8. Use GIMP if you want a PhotoShop like program with no cost.
  9. If you read a lot of information from many websites, make you life easier by subscribing to them on one page. There are two recommendations here: Protopage and NetVibes.
  10. Minti is about advice, friendship and community for parents. Join for free, get your own family page, keep a blog and make friends with other members.
  11. WetPaint is a new wiki that is free and acts like layers of paint on your page.
  12. Need to create a great looking website easily, then try Weebly.
  13. Need a 3D-animation program, then try Blender.

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