Apple includes a small program with every new Mac called Automator. It is a scripting program that scares away most people, but with a little instruction can be very helpful. As one of my colleagues said "You need to spend some time learning, to save yourself time down the road". My suggestion would be to watch the video tutorial from Apple with Sal Soghoian. Open Automator on the side as you watch the video, follow along and do what Sal is doing. There are so many links to download already created Automator Workflows.
Here are a few:
One of the items I wanted to automate was to save my purchased iTunes downloads to my backup hard drive. I found a workflow for that and it streamlined the whole process. The next step for me is to create a workflow for each of my kids computers to back up their purchased downloads from iTunes. If you have a lot of songs or movies, it will still take a long time.

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