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New Year's Day is around the corner and there is so much on the news or print media (what is that?) and the web about setting resolutions. Do you set them? Sometimes I do, sometimes I do not.

The top resolutions people set are to:
  • spend more time with family
  • improve health/diet
  • financial responsibility
  • volunteer to help others
  • reduce stress
  • more education / learn something new.

There are several sites and books that can help with improving these areas of one's life. It is just finding the one technique that works to help stay on task or ahead of the curve with items on the to do list.

Here is a list of books from Amazon about resolutions. Check out this list of quotes about New Year's Resolutions. There are a number of songs about New Year's as well. Can't think of a resolution? Try this collection of sites which are filled with ideas for resolutions.
Finally, here are several sites giving you information about the history of New Year's Day and resolutions.

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