It is the time of year where we take some time to say thank you to co-workers, friends, neighbors and others who have had an impact upon our lives. Thank you sometimes does not seem to say it all when you truly want to say more, but not get so mushy. A give exchange is a small way to share joy within a group. I have been a part of the Pollyanna and Secret Santa type of gift exchanges at school, with friends and family, but they do not seem personal enough to express my gratitude. And now a new type of exchange is happening online of all places! This evening on we were invited to participate in a small gift exchange with what I assume will become a very large group. There are many people whose names I recognize from plurk, twitter, DEN, and their blogs or presentations at conferences, but I do not know them personally.

I have come to know many new friends through as well as by reading their blogs. So I am looking forward to this WEB2.0 gift exchange with strangers no make that new friends. You can start a group on for your work, home or family group!

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