Kiva Loans - You can become part of a worldwide experience to assist the impoverished to succeed. Kiva coordinates the loan process from villages of people who want to build a better life in many ways. They might want to raise chickens and sell the eggs, but do not have the cash to purchase the chickens. That is where Kiva field workers come in to the process and help them get started.

"Kiva Field Partners work in impoverished areas to screen and approve entrepreneurs who demonstrate a need for a loan and a reasonable likelihood of repayment. Over the last 30 years 100 million entrepreneurs have been reached by such organizations and data suggests that the poor can be quite credit worthy (+95% repayment rates) if the Field Partner employs the proper screening methodology. One common methodology is to lend to entrepreneurs who belong to a borrowing group (e.g. a group of 5 women from the same village who know each other well). Loans to one member of the group are contingent on the other group members repaying on time. Because each member's livelihood depends on other members' repayment, a form of peer monitoring and support develops which helps ensure high repayment rates. Loans directly to individual entrepreneurs are also common, especially as the entrepreneur proves their credit-worthiness in a group setting. " ...from

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