If you have ever wanted to create a reading comprehension lesson from one of your selected web pages, now you can. By using LessonWriter, you can select a specific web page, copy the text and go to the LessonWriter page, and paste the text. , LessonWriter selects vocabulary words from the text and creates a list including pronunciation with the word root and stem included. If you want to include the grammar as a part of your lesson, LessonWriter give that choice as well. From there, you may create questions about the text for students to answer. This might be helpful if you have a web page which includes all of your unit concepts and wish to create a test. It could be used as a language arts lesson on grammar or vocabulary words. Perhaps you just want students to read a web page for homework and answer a few questions about the content.

This site would be very helpful for ESL students, especially with the vocabulary pronunciation section. With the election this November, you will see a lot of reading material about candidates and their political views. Use LessonWriter to have students extract the information and answer some questions about the candidates. You can add a graphic organizer and/or a photo to the lesson as well. I am sure many readers will have multiple uses for this interesting way to use the web with curriculum. It is good for all age groups, since the teacher chooses the content.

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