I am enjoying the second half of the Opening Ceremonies with about 10 other people I have never met. We are all on Plurk and commenting on the same show while watching in the comfort of our pj's in our own homes! I love this stuff. A comment about the US team hats led several people to quickly look up the information and post a web reference. I missed the entry of Hungry, but one of the plurkers posted this image so we could all enjoy their outfits again! Photo credit to Reuters.

A former student from our school is Kate Barber, the captian of the women's field hockey team and I hope I can get to see some of that on TV - fat chance. I like the smaller sports. I like the popular ones as well, but the smaller ones get more press at this time.

More links to follow the games:
There are sites for each sport, so search away and find your favorite and follow them for the next few weeks in China. Enjoy.

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