This little artistic software company has just released some brand new products to compliment their current offerings. FableVision creator Peter H. Reynolds designed the Fizz and Martina characters for software which was part of the math software package from the Tom Snyder catalog. Now he ventures into more middle and high school projects. On the site, there are links to free materials for teachers. If you would like Peter to visit your school, you can arrange for this author/illustrator to provide a worthwhile program for your students.

FableVision is in the process of releasing some new titles. From the website: "This deceptively simple combination of movements and music can change the way we learn and remember. SmartMoves, a DVD, designed for students in grades 3-12, leads students through a series of increasingly complicated body movements that function as a kind of calisthenics for the brain. Forty Body Puzzles at varying levels of difficulty: Simple, Simple Too, Tricky, Challenging, and Formidable, are included in the SmartMoves DVD. A supplemental Teacher's Guide is also included."

Above image is from the website.

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