If you have not created a Google account, then you should. Here are the top reasons why:
  1. GDisk - free hard drive space
  2. iGoogle - start page with a ton of widgets you can set up.
  3. GoogleReader -a plact to collect and read blogs
  4. Google Labs - get to see and test the new products
  5. GoogleEarth - not only to see the world, but to explore
  6. Blogger - free account for anyone
  7. When you sign in to one of these, you don't have to sign in to another
  8. Calendar -create a group calendar or a family calendar
  9. Documents - create word processed documents, notes or other collections
  10. Photos - Picasa is the application that collects and shares your personal photos
  11. Groups -join a group that you are interested in such as googleeducators
  12. Video - YouTube is not the only game in town.
  13. All this and a few more - FREE FREE FREE FREE FREE FREE FREE FREE

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